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wedding photography
 There are lots of professional wedding photographers to select from in Sydney therefore it took us a while to narrow down our choice to Lightheart Photography. We liked their realistic style that wasn't overly dramatic; they captured a far more natural look than most of the others.

wedding photos
 Neither people had professional photos before coupled with no clue the way to pose or smile naturally on the camera. However, Adrian really was friendly and patient which put us comfortable. We had been worried that the photos would end up unnatural because of our inexperience but they were perfect.

 Seeing our photographer for your second time on our wedding ceremony is similar to traversing to a friend instead of a stranger. This helped a lot especially both of us were quite nervous. And again, he was very patient when i had limited success following his instructions to pose.

 We had only seen a few sneak previews in our wedding photos and so they were absolutely stunning. It absolutely was everything we expected and then some. We definitely felt fortunate to have chosen Lightheart Photography for the most important day's our way of life.